13 Creative Ways to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer


If you love writing and want to monetize it, you can make a living is by working as a freelance writer. Below is a list of 13 creative ways to make a living as a freelance writer:-


  1. Copywriting


This is the art of writing content that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action.


It is one of the most profitable forms of writing. There is unlimited work for copywriters because every business-new or old needs copywriters to write marketing materials for their products.


2. Script writing


This is the art and craft of writing scripts for mass media such as films. A script is a document outlining every aural, behavioral and lingual elements required to tell a story.


This field pays writers well. If you like imitating or guessing what people speak on the screen, try this field.


3. Newsletters


This is a regularly distributed publication that is about one topic of interest to subscribers of a company.


Hundreds of organizations use newsletters as means of reaching their client.


Writing newsletters is a significant way of entering into freelancing and gather clips at the same time.


4. Ghost writing.


A ghost writer authors books, stories, blog posts, or any other text credited to another person. A lot of money can be made from ghost writing.


Ghost writers that receive five figure sums to write a book for a celebrity is very rare.


Venture into ghost writing and start earning.


5. SEO Articles


Write SEO articles for a broker or direct client and earn big money.


As a result of stiff competition on the internet for advertising revenue and traffic, companies are ready to pay handsomely for a freelancer who is ready to write articles that attract users to their business.


6. Greeting cards.


Though it`s a tough market to break into, writing greeting cards pays well.


There is an upward tendency of massive market for writing greeting cards as sales for all occasions remain highly competitive industries.


Therefore, editors always hunt for high quality and original material.


7. Blogging


It is better to start with your own blog. You can use it to make a living.


Once you have your own blog, and a good deal of traffic visits it regularly, companies can pay you to place ads on your blog and make a good living from these adverts.


You can also earn through Google Adsense among other powerful ways.


8. Fillers


Fillers are the pieces used to fill up redundant space on newspaper pages.


Examples are obscure news, jokes, news item and opinions. Editors are always on the lookout for fillers.


If you can stand out with original writing and meet their conditions quickly and accurately, you stand a good chance of being considered for more in-depth work when it comes along.


9. Novelty Tourist Merchandise


This requires you to have the ability to write catchy, original phrases and content.


This includes such things as postcards, bumper stickers, and T-shirts.


10. E-books


Be sure that E-books won’t be going away anytime soon despite the arguments that they will replace print.


The only difference between writing an Ebook and a traditional book is that you won`t hold an Ebook in your hands when published.


If you have a blog, you can create ebooks and sell them to your audience. You can also make a living selling ebooks on Amazon kindle.


11. Website content


A survey by Netcraft shows that 51 million websites were launched in 2012. This means about 140, 000 websites being launched daily.


All of these websites require high quality, SEO friendly web content to be created by people like you. If you specialize in it, it can keep you busy and provide a reasonable source of income.


To succeed, you must have sales and marketing skills as well as some basic SEO skills. You should also be a creative writer that can transfer their enthusiasm onto web page.


You could specialize in web content writing alone and make a kill online.


12. Press Releases


Being able to write press releases can end up being a long-term source of income.


Promoting and selling within a press release may require knowledge of the product or service being sold.


The structure of a good press releases remains the same: who, where, how, why, when, and what.


13. Magazines


Writing magazines opens you up to hundreds of markets of all kinds of subject matter.


No matter where your interests may lie, it is guaranteed that there will be a magazine for your interests somewhere.


Write about the topics you like. The more you write for a magazine, the easier you will find it to branch out into new markets.


Now you are sure that you can make a good living as a freelance writer. Go ahead and try to get into one of the above discussed fields.

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