How to Effectively Prioritize Tasks as a Freelancer

Utilize the time you have to complete your projects. Skip doing things that are less important and do away with interruptions to your work. Well, this could be easier said than done but if you are determined enough, you can define important tasks and prioritize them.

Today I am going to give you some good tips to help you determine most important tasks and help you in prioritizing them effectively. Personally, I function far more effectively when I have a long challenging list of tasks for each new day and each week. Without proper planning, it is impossible to complete these tasks in time.


Before analyzing the details of prioritizing, it`s important to define the difference between “urgent” and “important”. Time sensitivity is the main difference. An urgent task requires an immediate attention. On the other hand, an important task is critical for some reason. It may not require immediate attention.

Prioritizing helps in achieving a balance that allows you as a freelancer to complete the most urgent and important tasks. This way, you will always hit deadlines.


What to Consider When Determining Priority

There are several considerations you need to make for you to be successful in prioritizing your tasks. Discussed below are the most important considerations you need to make.



All of us deal with deadlines on a regular basis. They are always an important factor in defining the urgency of any task. Definitely, the closer the deadline, the more urgent a task is.

Always ensure you have adequate time to work ahead and avoid last minute rush. This allows you more freedom with your scheduling.



Clearly define what may happen if you don’t hit deadlines. Some projects may have loose deadlines. In such case, the client may not be bothered by an extra day of working time.

If you are unable to meet the set deadlines, try to gauge the consequences of not meeting each of the set deadlines and prioritize each task effectively.

Development stage

Large projects need to be well planned and executed accordingly. Deadline may not be in any near future and this does not mean there is no urgency in the task you are handling. Remember, you could be away off-pace to get everything done.

Break down your projects to smaller milestones and set a deadline for each. This will help you to keep on pace in any stage of project stage of development.


You need to define the clients you are handling. Get to know your regular clients. Such clients may be responsible for considerable amounts of business.


Define clearly those new clients you would like to establish a stronger relationship with them. Still, point out those who have problems in paying on time or clients you may never want to work with again.

Knowing in details the different clients you work with helps in prioritizing the tasks you have. Obliviously the regular clients with considerable amount of business are given first priority.


Tips to Prioritize your Work as a freelancer

The following tips will help you prioritize your tasks successfully.


  • Break your projects down into smaller milestones. Focus on what you need to do in a specific day to make significance progress.


  • Always prepare ahead of time. Have the day and week planned before you start working. At the end of the day, lay out what you need to do the following day.


  • At the end of each day or week, take time to review what you have accomplished. This will help in prioritizing for the next day as you already know the urgent tasks.


  • Always estimate time requirements for each task. This makes prioritizing and planning easier.


  • Get to know your strong times. Define the days in a week that you are more productive. Adjust your schedule to take advantage of your strongest times.


  • It is wise to follow your moods. Personally, when faced with projects with the same level of urgency, I tend to choose the one that appeals to me most at the moment.


Being able to determine essential tasks for a project will certainly help you to focus on it. You will also be able to maximize your time and end up being productive. If you are focused on your work, there is also a great chance for better learning and improvement.


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