Get Paid to Write Articles in the Finance Niche-18 Sites to Pitch Now

Just like technology, the finance niche is among the highest paying niches in freelance writing. You don’t necessarily need to be a financial coach or economics professor to be able to write finance articles. You just need to know what’s going on in the finance world and have a desire to get paid to write and make a living as a freelance writer.

Note that the pitch and payment vary with each site. Here is the list of the finance niche sites that you can consider pitching.


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1) Entrepreneur Magazine

This magazine deals with a worldwide business of providing people with the up-to-date news and commentary segments of entrepreneurship.

You can submit a query to the department of your choice in case you want to get paid to write a editorial. You can also be a regular contributor of the magazine’s blogs. Some of the areas that you can focus on include stories of successful entrepreneurs and other relevant personal finance stories.


The payment is unverified, but some credible sources say that they pay $1 per word.

2) Wise Bread

Among the top-end personal finance websites, Wise Bread happens to be ranked at the top. It provides writers with a broad exposure, and most importantly, a large audience to educate especially if the posts made are syndicated by Forbes, DailyFinance or Business Insider.

The site shares articles in the category of frugal living and personal finance.


The amount is not specified, but you must first apply to become a blogger.

3) The Dollar Stretcher

As an online personal finance resource, The Dollar Stretcher also publishes a print magazine. They are continually looking for unique articles that are related to personal finance and require writers to use professional quotes as well as statistics.


When pitching to write for this site, ensure that you include “paid query” in the mail since they accept both paid and unpaid submissions. They require the articles you submit not to be more than 750 words, and the pay is $0.10 per word.

4) The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is a finance blog that discusses the stock market and publishes personal finance articles. They have a section for the finance sections dubbed as the “Daily Finance.”


If you check from their website, you can tell that their pay is quite competitive. Note that anyone can write articles for this finance blog, but to get paid to write for them, your articles should get syndicated.

5) The Krazy Coupon Lady

The site was created for the love of frugal living and couponing. You can write articles on money-saving topics including:

  • Home and gardening
  • Fashion
  • Parenting
  • Travel


Verified. You receive your payment on PayPal upon acceptance, and you can earn up to $50.

6) The New York Times Opinionator

This site is widely renown and accepts a broad range of submissions based on any crucial opinion that you may have. If you have any personal finance opinion, you can get paid to write articles in this niche.


$150 for articles under 1500 words.

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7) Rockstar Finance

If you own a blog, then this is the right site to use in increasing your exposure. This gig accepts articles in the fields of budgets, money and minimalism.


No payment.

8) Business Insider

Looks for professional writers to write columns related to finance experts, entrepreneurs, and personal finance.


Unpaid. Business Insider generates lots of traffic and hence can be very resourceful for your blog by drawing attention.

9) Smart Money Chicks

If you are a newbie in this niche, Smart Money Chicks can help you build your portfolio as a personal finance blogger. The site gives women related financial advice.



10) Get Paid to Write for Forbes

Forbes is an American business magazine. Writers at Forbes are termed as contributors, and they post their articles by hosting their blog through the network. To get onto this platform, you can opt to guest-post for a regular contributor.


Before you become a contributor, your guest posts are unpaid, but once you become one, you are paid by your blog’s performance. The top-rated bloggers at Forbes earn between $45,000 and $100,00.

11)Wall Street Journal

It is one of the top daily newspapers in the United States. The content posted here is based on opinion, and mostly about the breaking news and business. You can, therefore, apply to submit a personal finance or family budget articles and get paid to write for them.


$400 for 800 words

12) Afro-Chic Mompreneur

If you can write engaging and entertaining content for female entrepreneurs, then Afro-Chic Mompreneur is your answer. The range of topics here is family time management and personal finance.


The article of the month is awarded $50. Guest blogs are unpaid, but you can leverage the opportunity to draw traffic into your writing endeavors.

13)Income Diary

This website deals with topics that talk about earning money. These include questions on how to make money from writing, how to monetize your blog among other related topics.

They are very picky though. You need to check out what’s already published before pitching an idea and asking to get paid to write for this site.


Verified payment via PayPal on accepting and publishing the article. The payment ranges between $50-$200 per article.

14) Money saving mom

This blog is owned by Crystal Paine, a financially savvy mommy blogger, who recently published a book. You can guest blog for this site with sound money saving advice.


Unpaid, but you can get traffic back to your blog for this blog is well-known.

15) The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder addresses fun and weird ways to save money.


You get $75 upon an article approval. You also stand a chance of receiving a bonus if your article reaches a particular number of page views.

16) Daily Finance

It provides personal finance advice, and you can write topics that relate to planning for future finances, investing, spending among others.


Unpaid but the site receives 3.9 views in every month. Thus, you can figure out the traffic you stand to allure.

17) Money Crashers

Money Crashers cover various topics relating to money, including money management and frugal living.


$35 for articles between 500-1000 words.

18) Doctor of Credit

Doctor of credit concentrates on enlightening people on savings and money management. They focus on ways to be frugal and information regarding credit cards and the available rewards. You can only submit and get paid to write articles as guest posts, but if you publish regularly, you can get an ongoing opportunity.

You can only submit and get paid to write articles as guest posts, but if you publish regularly, you can get an ongoing opportunity.


$50 for an approved guest post.

Wrap up

So now that you know which sites to write for, pitch an idea to several of them.

How do you do this?

  • Go through some posts on their site to acquaint yourself with their writing style.
  • Explain who you are.
  • Give a few links to your previously published posts (especially in the finance niche).
  • Write a pitch idea (an outline of the article) rather than the entire post.
  • Hit send and wait for a reply.

If finance is not your area, don’t worry. There are many clients looking to hire someone with your area of expertise. They are willing to pay you for what you are worth. Why not get started right away by finding your ideal, well-paying clients here.

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