How to Create a Freelance Contract

Freelancing as a way of generating income has become very common in recent years. In this field, you are your own boss, pick the clients you prefer, set your timing and much more. Whether you are a freelance virtual assistant or a freelance copywriter, you need to create a freelance contract seriously.


Having a freelance contract announces to your clients what they expect from you. Therefore, you should not start freelance work without a contract. Here is a step-by- step guide on how to create a freelance contract easily.

Step 1: Set Terms and Conditions

Ensure you have specified your terms and conditions before initiating any project. Terms and conditions specify your requirements concerning the project.

Step 2: Give your complete contact information

It is very crucial to mention full information concerning your contact information. Ensure you have mentioned your full name, email addresses, fax number, postal address and telephone number. Mentioning your contact information makes it easier for clients to reach you.

Step 3: Mention date and job number of the contract

Assigning job number to your contract makes your work sound professional.  It also makes it easier for you to organize all your contracts into a proper order.

If you are a new freelance contractor, number your contracts starting with ‘1, 2…’ Avoid numbering your contracts randomly. For example, having contract numbers as 309, 400, 1001… give an impression that you have been handling contracts for a while.

Remember to state the date on which you draft the contract. This will help you get more organized because you can track your contracts easily.

Step4: Don’t forget to mention your clients` contact information

Always mention your clients` complete contact details under the contract date and job number. A legally accepted contract should always include the clients` contact information. Make your contract as formal as possible.

Step 5: Give a clear job description

Here, clearly mention all the details concerning your job. This explains clearly to your client what to expect from your project.

As a freelance contractor, state clearly details like the precise word count of that E-book you are working on.

Step 6: The project outline

In this section, provide a detailed overview of the project.  Also, mention the number of subcontracts you may need to create. Don’t forget to announce the price you are charging for the contract.

Step 7: Talk about project description, method of payment and policy information

This is the most important parts of a contract. Here, give detailed information about the job description.  Ensure that the client can easily understand what to expect from the project. Also, talk about how long it will take you to complete the work.

As a freelance contractor, I recommend that you mention your preferred payment methods. Talk about your policies in the contract. This will turn off the tendency of some clients forcing you to work against your will.

Step 8: Remember signatures

Include at least two blank spaces on the contract for signatures. Include instructions of how to sign. Such contracts can be signed and faxed.

create a freelance contract

So, if you have been afraid of creating a contract for your freelance projects, now you know how simple the task is. Go ahead and create a freelance contract in 1hour time.



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