3 Easy Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Bills are waiting. Deadlines are approaching. The client is getting antsy. You have New Year resolutions and I hope one of them is to increase productivity in your freelance work and of course, earn more.

But this means having plenty of freelance projects and being more productive working on them. But this is not always the case especially in this era of selfies, Twitter, and Facebook.

You start working and a ton of things start crying for your attention. If you don’t wrap your head around it, you’re going to wind up the day without anything to show for it.

So, I compiled a few useful productivity hacks. Here are top ways to increase productivity doing freelance work.

increase productivity

  1. Minimize distractions

No. Shut them off. When you settle down to beat a deadline, all kinds of distractions manifest. Facebook group notifications, messaging apps and even noise from the neighborhood can be a nuisance.

Keep off social media when working

While social networks are incredible when it comes to finding new clients, networking with other freelancers or boosting your brand, they’re basically the devil when you’re doing your most important work and want to increase productivity.

Try to keep as much distance as possible from the like button. If you don’t, soon your new Facebook update will read something like, “looking for a job”.

The annoying notifications

They’re said to be addictive for a reason and you need to avoid wasting your valuable time there when you’re busy. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to stop receiving the frequent baby updates from the person you met at the party when you were 18.

We are excited to announce that Junior can now walk

But do we need to keep reading all the hundreds of congratulation comments and all ‘so-and-so also liked this’ notification? No

You need to look for a way to avoid all this and increase productivity. You should try and log off all social media apps. You can also disconnect your internet so instant notifications don’t appear.

For those of you in 100 different WhatsApp groups, you need to mute all the notifications for several hours or even days.

Disable autoplay videos

The latest one is the auto play videos. For some reason, Facebook keeps bringing up new changes almost every day. Some are good but others are terrible like the latest autoplay videos that clog your newsfeed. Do yourself a favor and turn them off to increase productivity in what you do. Here is how to turn the ridiculous instant play videos off.

Press phone flight mode

When you have so much to do, your friend or uncle who’s idle and hasn’t talked to you for a month may decide to call you for a whole hour.

You don’t want to put them off by not talking to them so you may as well put your smartphone on flight mode.

This doesn’t just help with calls only. You’ll keep off distracting texts as well. I used to prefer silent mode, but whenever a new text comes in, I could get distracted to read it and then reply. When you reply to texts all time, you’re telling the sender that there’s nothing important you’re working on.

  1. Work during morning hours

Research shows that we are most productive between 5 am and noon. So this is the time to get important work done.

You may have noticed that your mind tends to get fatigued in the afternoon onwards.

So, if you have something important to attend to, you better start with that. You will increase productivity more than your had imagined.

However, this may work differently for some folks. There are those who are most productive at night. So if that works for you, do as much work as you can but remember to balance work and rest.

  1. Increase productivity by creating a to-do list

The classic to-do list is crucial. It helps you to focus and do what matters the most. To be more productive, create a small list of just 3-5 most important things you must do for the day.

I keep my list to 3 items only. Others can come after that. Without a list, you may easily get overwhelmed or even confused on whom to give attention between your best friend who wants to visit for a chat and pitching 5 new clients for more work.

Wrapping up

Avoiding distractions, working when you’re most productive and creating a to-do list are the most fundamental ways to help you increase productivity in your work.

What other ways do you use to remain more productive while working? Let me know in the comments.