How to Showcase Your Freelance Writer Portfolio

I know for sure you want more highly paying clients to hire you. But then, you may be wondering, how do I get them to see my skills?

Well, a surefire way to get potential clients to see how much value you can offer them is by effectively showcasing your freelance writer portfolio.

Don’t worry if you are out of ideas for practical ways to show your work. There are several platforms online you can use to showcase your portfolio.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of these platforms.

  1. Use WordPress plugins

WordPress has numerous plugins to enhance its functionality. Among them are plugins to display your testimonials and portfolio. Some popular ones include the WordPress Portfolio Plugin, OTW Portfolio Light and Awesome Filterable Portfolio.

freelance writer portfolio-

While the aforementioned are specially designed for writers, do not feel limited to only use writer-focused plugins. Consider customizing even those designed for freelancers in other industries such as designers and photographers.

For instance, you can pick plugins used by photographers to display their images and customize them to suit your need. Select an image from your blog post and the blog headline to display. Furthermore, this will capture the client’s visual attention.

Plugins give you creative flexibility in displaying your work; however, you may need technical prowess to successfully set up the plugins.

  1. Your portfolio as a blog post

You can create a blog post with its content as links to your work.

It is achievable with all the available blogging software or websites with a built-in blogging function. You just need to categorize your work. For example under product descriptions, blogs, press releases, newsletters and any other category of work you have.

Alternatively, you can create tags for related work. It is advisable to use keywords for your tags.

The good thing about displaying your portfolio as a blog post is:

  • You do not need to have any technical skills
  • You choose how to display your portfolio
  • You own and control your portfolio on your own site

On the downside, it can seem rather weird putting up a freelance writer portfolio on a blog. In fact, this is a preferred option only if you are not using your blog for other purposes.

  1. Using portfolio sites

There are numerous portfolio sites online that are viable platforms to showcase your work. While some are free, others require you to pay a fee. Some are specially designed for designers, others for photographers yet others for writers.

Whether you choose to stick with those designed for writers only or explore the others designed for other professions, all give you the creative flexibility to create and present your freelance writer portfolio.

Examples include:

Contently: this is a content marketing company and a freelance marketplace that provides freelance writers with a platform to display their work. this platform offers writers the opportunity to present a short bio along with a few samples of their work. They charge a monthly fee.

ClearVoice: It uses your Google+ account to synchronize and curate all you content that is available online to one place. This is a perfect portfolio that also allows viewers to share, doing a great job in terms of marketing for you.

  1. Social media

You have been spending tones of time on social media and didn’t think you could use it to showcase your freelance writer portfolio, right?

Social media is named so for a good reason. It is a less formal platform hence a formal portfolio may not do well here. Social media gives you more room for creativity in how you display your work. For instance, you could pick an image from your post and accompany it with an excerpt from the article.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to talk more about your experience and achievements. Twitter on the other hand, is the right platform to use keywords that describe who you’re in your profile description

Also, you can use social media site to advertise your portfolio. It is advisable to stick to pages, groups and forums with potential clients. Make your marketing more targeted.

Another way to use social media to display your skills is using your timeline.  Write short and long posts on your timeline to showcase your prowess.

  1. Pinterest

This one is probably the last place you could have thought of.

Social media communication concept

Pinterest serves as a tool to display your freelancer writer portfolio and market it. I know for the longest time you have associated Pinterest with random display of good photos, art, food and design. I personally like to go there to just hang out and enjoy other people’s work.

Well, other people could also come here to enjoy your work and perhaps tell a friend about it.  It is simple and easy to create your Pinterest Portfolio.

  • Create a new board.
  • Add your articles by pinning them through the website they are published on.
  • Pin you writing sample on relevant writers boards such as professional writing samples Pinterest board.
  • Incorporate quality and relevant images on your board. You can find free photos on Unsplash, Compfight or Death to the stockphoto.
  • Share your pins on social media, Google + and LinkedIn
  1. Your Website

This is the easiest way to exhibit your work if you already have a website set up. Create a portfolio page and, under it, share links to your already published work.

For better access to your work, categorize your links for example under blogs, creative writing, technical writing, press releases and newsletter. Use a “Hire Me” call to action to get clients who view your portfolio to hire you.

Each of the above platforms has its pros and cons.  It is on you to decide which one would be the most suitable. Furthermore, you can use more than one platform to display your work. Remember to showcase only the best of your work on your freelance writer portfolio.

Now you know how to get those clients you have been dreaming of to see your work. Just get on with it!