Ctitch App: Organize Your Projects and Days

Do you often feel mentally cluttered? Like you have too many unfinished thoughts racing in your brain?

Worse, your digital platform is disorganized with folders, images, notes and lists everywhere.

Most likely, this disorganization costs you time, productivity, effectiveness and progress. It also costs your peace of mind, right?

Well, not anymore.

Ctitch is an application created with you in mind: to help you organize your life better. It enables  you to organize your thoughts and digital information in a simple and effective way for easy retrieval, sharing and tracking.

Features to Find in Ctitch

Folders. The folders help you organize your documents, notes, photos, bookmarks and lists easily as per related project or subject.

Subfolders. Subfolders allow you to further organize your folders.

View by date. This feature makes it possible for you to access information from a particular day. You can also use it to add items to a folder on a particular date.


Tag. You are able to tag related items for easier retrieval later.

Stickers. If you click on the edit icon at the bottom of a particular item- notes, list, image or bookmark- you can allocate it as a sticky item. By so doing, the item comes up as a sticky note on top of a folder showing that it is important.

Daily stickies. Is there something you want to see every day? It could be an affirmation note to yourself or a reminder to do something you are creating a habit of. The daily stick note will be the first thing to show upon logging into you Ctitch account until you remove the daily sticky status.

Notes. Whatever you want to put down- short poems, reminders, favorite quotes or ideas-, it is easy to make a note at Ctitch. Click on the note icon and start typing. You can edit your notes and all the changes will be saved immediately. You can format your note with various headings or bullet lists or even change the font.

Lists. Ctitch allows you to make as many lists as possible. You can organize the lists into related folders and subfolders. Check an item in your to-do list once you have completed it or easily change your priorities on the list by clicking and dragging an item on the list to either promote it or demote it.

ctitch list

Bookmarks. Ctitch has elegant bookmarks that enable you to effectively present your bookmarks. Each bookmark is presented with an image, title and description. Better still, you can leave yourself a note on the comment area perhaps to remind you why you bookmarked.

Photos and galleries. Add photos to your notes or create galleries for your projects or events and add links, quotes or notes to them. You may choose to share your photos and gallery items or to keep them private.

Badges. Badges enable you to track your activities and goals. For every accomplishment you make, award yourself a badge. For instance, if you had a goal to exercise today and you did, you can give yourself a badge for that. In addition, you can add notes to the badge.

Autosave. You don’t need to keep clicking on the save button every time you add a note or format an existing one, Ctitch automatically saves all your activity.

Share. You can share your content with specific people or make it viewable by the public. Also, you can choose to make your content private.

Benefits of Using Ctitch

1. Helps you organize your projects. It is normal to have many projects running at the same time including professional and personal projects. However, managing all of them at a go can be challenging when you have documents and other pieces scattered or cluttered.

By creating a projects folder, you are able to put together all the resources for one project together. You can create lists, build a vision board, and create schedules and journal your thoughts down for each project. Create subfolders in the project for specific projects.

2. Easy to journal. Ctitch makes your journaling experience fun and easy. You not only get to write as often as you want, but also, you can add photos, links and favorite quotes to your journal entry.

3. Helps you organize your life. When you put down the bits and pieces of things to do, issues you are concerned about, make lists of all you need for a project and notes of ideas that come up in your mind, you clear the clutter and gain mental clarity in all aspects of your life. The to-do lists and schedules help you determine when and what to do while journaling helps you reflect on your life.

4. Helps you remember. Whether you want to preserve memories of a day you spent with loved ones or to keep heartfelt photos of your child growing up or to look at your past project time frames, Ctitch has numerous features to help you keep your memories alive including journaling and images. In addition, a calendar view of images uploaded on a certain day or bookmarks, notes and lists gives you a visual presentation of your activities on any given day.

5. Easy retrieval of information. Besides the folder and subfolder tools that enable you to organize your information for easy access, Ctitch has a “folder index” feature that enables you to see the contents of the folder without having to open it. This folder index tools also enables you to rearrange the folder content in your preferred order without reordering the actual post.

6. Easy to use. Whether you want to add a note or make a list or journal, it is simple. Simply click on the respective icon and start typing.

7. Easy formatting and editing. Ctitch offers real-time editing whereby changes made are automatically saved as you type. There are numerous tools available to format and edit your content for easy reading and retrieval. For instance, you can format your content to add bullet or numbered list, headings and subheadings or change font color and size.

8. Track your accomplishments. Ctitch has a feature that lists all your completed items by date. It also has a graph that plots completed items each day. The visual presentation of your completed task will fuel you to accomplish more.

9. Makes you more productive. Ctitch users need not spend hours digging through the clutter to find necessary resources; they know exactly where to find it. Thus, you are able to dedicate most time creating and finishing up projects. Besides, you are able to put all the resources together for you to work through them effectively whenever you want.

10. Mental clarity and peace of mind. Ctitch’s features and functionality is specially designed to help you organize your digital and mental space and ultimately your life. It helps you gain mental clarity hence leaving room for creativity, enhanced memory and logical thinking. With your life planned out well, you can enjoy peace of mind.


  1. Ctitch is free
  2. You can organize all your information together.
  3. Ctitch will help you organize your life.
  4. It makes your researching easier and more organized
  5. Beautiful platform to organize your digital information for easy retrieval
  6. Enables you to track all of your accomplishments
  7. Edit your content and it will be saved automatically
  8. The site is user-friendly: simple and easy to use


This far, Ctitch presents no cons.


The website is absolutely free!!!  However, in future users will be charged for plugins and additional features. All features that you had access to while the site was free will still be accessible to you free of charge. Therefore, Sign up now to benefit from all features free of charge.

Who can use Ctitch?

1. Freelancers

Many freelancers access a lot of information for their projects and research. Often, one of the greatest freelancers’ pitfalls is a cluttered desktop. It takes you too much time to dig through the pile of previously downloaded documents and bookmarks to get what you want. With this app, you should find it easy to organize your work.

2. Students

Ctitch enables you to organize related research information in folders and subfolders for easy retrieval when you need them. Furthermore, you can organize and save your bookmarks in such a way that you will easily access them from other electronic gadgets or browser.

3. Entrepreneurs

Ctitch is a tool that enables entrepreneurs to note down and track ideas, schedule appointments, create a daily to-do list and manage it, create goals and record milestones. Ctitch also enables entrepreneurs to organize their vital business documents such as business plans, spreadsheets, and comment cards from customers among others.

You can put together your class schedules, class notes and other learning resources in one folder. Come up with your to do list and schedule time to do assignments, group meetings and study time on the website. By placing a badge on accomplished tasks you are able to know what is left to do.

4. Fitness enthusiasts.

Monitor your workouts and meals via Ctitch.com. Take images of your food and upload them on the website every day. Research workout routines you would want to follow and add them into your folder for easy retrieval when you need to use them. Ctitch helps you monitor your progress over time by creating charts and enabling you to compare notes and records from different days.

5. Anyone interested in organizing their life.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, a domestic manager or a Fortune 500 company CEO, Ctitch is an effective tool to organize all of your digital and mental information.

In a Nutshell

Ctitch is an innovative tool that allows you to plan your days and life, track and plan your projects and journal. It is one of its kinds in the market – an all inclusive organizing tool. You require no special skills to use the website as it is simple to use and highly functional.

Tracking your accomplishments and putting together resources for your projects or links you like does not have to be hectic. With a simple click or drag and drop you can place your content where you need it to be.

This is a valuable tool that can be used by any human being who needs more order in their life. At no cost, you will derive value and quality from Ctitch.com.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Ctitch and create a free account to start reaping all of these benefits!