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Top 7 Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers

Freelancing is a great business but only profitable if you make maximum use of your time. In a technologically advanced world, there are many time tracking apps to help you maximize time. To make sure you stay on course, you need an app that will help you stay focused as spend your time in a productive way.

There are many distractors in your environment; so many ads popping up every now and then, Facebook notifications, Instant messages on Skype and so on. The urge to check out an interesting advert you just saw or those enticing photos on Facebook and Instagram can ruin your productivity. Keeping track of your completed work can also be a challenge.

A lot of time can be wasted filling up numerous excel sheets for your invoice. This can be eliminated and help you save time by using suitable time tracking apps. Have you been missing out deadlines and completing your work behind schedule? Or messing with your clients because you forgot to work on a project? Then you need to read on.

This article is meant to give you the power and control that you need to stay organized and complete your projects on time. It is meant to increase your productivity and make the best out of your time as a freelancer. We have complied great time tracking apps to help you enjoy life as a freelancer.

The Best Time Tracking Apps You Can Use Now

1. Top Tracker

Top Tracker is a great app for all freelancers who want to keep track of their time and make maximum profits from their venture.

Whether you are new or a guru in your craft, this app will be useful to you. It will help you stay up to date with your projects and check on your team members.

The app has an easy to follow interface making it friendly for beginners. It will help you check on areas of improvement on your projects.

This is made possible by a real-time update of the performance summary of your team members. It makes use of time tracking tools such as timers, screenshots, and webcam shots.

It is available on all android, windows and IOS mobile devices and also on your desktop.

The app is absolutely free and has no limits on the number of projects or users to be configured.

2. Rescue Time

For freelancers who need to keep track of their time without necessarily having to report to anyone, Rescue Time is a great option.

It gives you a comprehensive summary of your personal productivity.  The app checks on the time you spend on websites and applications, and then gives you an accurate report on your activities.

Outstanding features of Rescue Time include alerts to let you know the time spent on a given task; log highlights to give you a summary of your daily exploits; block websites to allow you focus on the important websites and block those that may be distractors, and time spent attending meetings and reading emails.

This app keeps you in check and ensures your time is well spent. Additionally, it gives you a detailed summary of your weekly emails and allows you to plan ahead. With this app, you are also able to set your daily goals and view your progress on a dashboard.

Your activities are automatically clustered in different categories, covering different websites and applications. This goes a long way in improving your productivity

3. Hour

Freelancers looking for an easy to follow app to keep track of their time, then Hours will do. It is designed in a simple way yet comes with great features.  The App gives real-time feedback on how you are spending your time. In case your attention is drifting away, the app will give you a notification.

If an activity you had scheduled to execute has been forgotten, it will give you reminders to ensure you keep on track. Hours gives you the control and freedom to manage all your projects with ease. For instance, you can add or subtract time allocated for a given project, split time amongst various tasks, and even insert a rest period in between your projects.

This app, therefore, allows you to spend your time on what matters most, increasing your productivity. You can also keep track of your team members using this app. Filling a spreadsheet can waste a lot of time. The app gives you a great invoicing platform to send out invoices for work already completed.

For the management team, it comes with a functionality that allows you to check and approve work that has been completed by your team. You can approve or recommend editing of the work easily. Using the app also allows you to set rates for each activity and prioritize projects accordingly.

4. Toggl

With the nomadic lifestyle of many freelancers, Toggl offers you the opportunity to keep track of your time. It is a simple to use app and requires no training.

The dashboard has easy to follow navigation keys. It is ideal for teams and keeps all your team members updated. The app allows you to draw different pie charts on the progress of your projects. Using the app makes generating different reports either for your team, customers or for your managers easy.

When offline you can still keep track of your productivity. You can color code your projects to give you a quick status of your activities at a glance. For instance, you can code a new project with a cool color like blue and overdue projects with a bright color such as red.

For large teams or companies, the app gives you the functionality to divide teams into different groups depending on the tasks assigned. The app gives you an unlimited number of projects and users making if flexible.

5. Invotrack

Freelancing is a business like any other. You generate your income through this. Getting an app that keeps a record of your earnings, saves your time and makes your freelancing life easy is a plus. Invotrack time tracking app has taken invoicing to a new level.

This app makes it easy for you to send invoices to your customers. You can either send the invoices through email or Pdf attachment.

It also shows you payments that are overdue. Once a payment is made, you will also be notified. This app allows you to create customized professional invoice templates. This makes use of numerous spreadsheets obsolete. You can also integrate your logo in the app and create a brand presence with your clientele.

You can send your quotations to customers and team members. The app is available in a number of languages and currencies. This makes it global and flexible for many users. In the event that a payment is delayed, it sends out automated email reminders to your clients.

It makes payments easy since with it, you can use credit cards PayPal and ACH systems. All information is easily maintained in cloud and users have access to a free online support system.

6. Slim Timer

This is an easy to use application designed to help freelancers manage timesheets and tasks. It allows the user three main functionalities; creating work, timing your work and running reports. The user can create a project and share it with team members.

The Slim Timer app allows the user to track time spent on a given task and also check completed projects. The app has reporting tools that keep track on time spent to execute a given project. Productivity reports can be exported using Excel spreadsheets.

The interface has an easy to follow guide. The user can easily add comments and upload completed work or even select projects to work on from the dashboard.

This app is suitable for freelancers who want a simple app to check on the hours worked and eliminate the need to fill spreadsheets.

7. Timely App

This app allows you to plan your schedules and closely monitor how you spend your time. It uses a different time tracking system from the other trackers. Instead of the contemporary logging time, it allows you to set your own schedule and track the time spent on each activity.

The free version of the app allows only for one user and a maximum of five projects. However, if you intend to add more users and access to unlimited projects, you can opt to upgrade.

The app allows you to plan ahead, keeping your affairs organized. This gives you the freedom to know how many more projects you can add to your list.

To check your productivity and progress, it has a wide range of reports that you can generate. It also gives you a report on time spent on a given project against projected time of the project.

You can set a monitory tag on any project you’re working on, and non-monitory for those that are just for your research.

This gives you the control to choose which projects to give priority, keeping you updated on your schedules.

From the various time tracking apps discussed above, your freelancing life can only get better. Stay organized and improve your productivity. Choose one that suits your needs and those of your team and make the best out of your time.

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