Freelance Writing Course

Hello Kevinson,

I thought it wise to share my progress since you started training me. The course has been very useful and I have gained immense knowledge. So far I have been able to get 3 jobs from Upwork which was a great success since I created my profile 2 years ago. Samples I have sent to various sites have also been accepted.

Were it not for your course and mentorship I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I will now be able to do freelance writing full time, thanks to you. 

Highly recommended.

Kind Regards,



Do you want to make a living writing?

Of course you do! Who wouldn’t?

You can do this full time or part time but remember freelance writing is not a pastime

It’s a business.

Now talking of a business, you’re going to need some skills to get you started

This is the right place for you to acquire such skills

Our Freelance Writing course has everything you need to know from how to write sexy headlines to how to find high-paying clients.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced writer, you’ll find something that suits your needs

This freelance writing course is available on demand so sign up today to get started!

The course is divided into four modules as follows:

Module 1: The Building Blocks for Successful Freelance Writing

Lesson 1: The 7 different types of articles you should be writing for money

Lesson 2: How to Format Articles So Your Client Approves Them Fast

Lesson 3: How to Write Magnetic Article Titles

Lesson 4: How to Write a Killer Cover Letter That Will Get You Long Term Projects

Lesson 5: The 9 Best Tips for Insanely Productive Writers

Module 2: How to Research & Write like a Pro

Lesson 6: Smart Tips for Researching and Finding Relevant Content Faster

Lesson 7: Researching Content from Article Directories and Other Websites

Lesson 8: How to write High Quality Product Descriptions (Plus a bonus of 115 samples I did for clients that earned a 5-star rating)

Lesson 9: How to Write Quality Website Content for Any Web Page (Bonus: 10 5-star samples)


Module 3: How to Find & Deal with Clients

Lesson 10: The 40 Most Effective & Proven Ways to Land You Direct, High-Paying Clients

Lesson 11: How to Set and Negotiate for Writing Rates Professionally

Lesson 12: How to Spot Bad Writing Clients from Day 1 and Avoid Them (Top 7 Red Flags)

Lesson 13: The 9 Sure Fire Ways to Lose a Freelance Writing Client Fast (And what to do to retain a client)

Lesson 14: Top 4 Query Mistakes that Cause Freelance Writing Clients to Ignore You

Module 4: How to Land High Paying Jobs

Lesson 15: A list of 111 websites ready to pay you $100 and more per article you write for them

Lesson 16: Top 5 proven ways to land high paying freelance writing jobs as a beginner

Lesson 17: How to apply to any of the 111 websites covered in lesson 1 and get hired (plus samples of my own query letters to some of those sites that landed me $100-per-article and links to those articles online)

Lesson 18: A Definitive Guide on How to Move from a Newbie to a World Class Freelance Writer



So after you register what next?

1. You receive a value-packed lesson a day for either 4 days a week (for module 2 & 4) or 5 days a week (for module 1 & 3).

2.You receive an exercise to help you master each lesson. You can do the exercise and email us back for assistance until you master it.

3. You can email us any questions anytime during the one-month period regarding the lessons and freelancing writing in general.

4. You receive full mentorship in matters freelance writing. We want to ensure this freelance writing course shapes you into an expert writer.

5. Free access to the YFT’s Jobs Board

Once you register you gain FREE access to our jobs board (weekly updated) comprising of hundreds of well-paying jobs from legit clients ready to pay you to do what you love most – writing.

And did I mention you continue accessing our jobs board even after you complete the course?

Yes, we want to equip you with the best skills in the industry and then give you a golden opportunity to monetize those skills.

Cool, huh?

So, what’s the cost?

Well, you can choose one of the two packages

Well, here is what a few of our students are saying:

Your course is top notch and very motivating for both newbie and even experienced writers. It’s self explanatory and you give crucial writing tips that any other trainer will hardly gives.

I have seen what other trainers offer but they can’t come anywhere near your contents. Keep it up.

Kind Regards,

-Solomon Kittinya


Your lessons are worth learning. They are what these clients want. They have taught me a lot. I appreciate – Rasto Muyilikha


Morning Kev,

Since you have been such a good mentor during my writing journey, I thought I should let you know what’s happening in my writing: I got a job working with a local business magazine right here in Kenya. I showed them some of my work and they thought it was good enough.

I’m still refining my writing skills but I thank you for being there to show me around in the writing world. I am still using your notes as my guide. You have been part of my writing success journey so you could go ahead and tell people about it, Good day bro!
– Kevin Mlami Mwangi


Hey Kev,

Your lessons are as interesting as they are funny. Still musing at “eat the frog” part. I am a newbie, reading and re-reading all the lessons with much relish, and of course learning. Thank you ever so much.

Best regards.

Anne Wandia


Hello Kevin,

I’m very grateful for the warm training you are offering to me. Actually this is what I needed to know since I’m a starter. I’m looking forward to being the best since I have the best trainer.


Sticker Gee


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Package 1 (Receive all lessons and exercises): $19.95  

I send you all exercises as scheduled plus exercises then you read everything and try to evaluate yourself with the exercises given.


Package 2 (Receive all lessons, exercises plus email support to help you master each lesson for 1 month): $ 29.95

You receive all lessons plus exercises and want our input to help you master each lesson



Package 3 (One-on-One mentorship for 3 months): $97  

We meet on Skype or otherwise once a month (for 30 minutes to 1 hour) and analyze your progress and develop a personal actionable plan for you to help you achieve your goals.

Interested? Procced and pay for your preferred package then send me a message below so we get started.

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