Before ordering for any content writing service, it’s always prudent to check out the samples of your potential service provider.

Here are part of the client projects I have done and went through:

Sample blog posts

Convert Your Skimming Visitors to Addicted Blog Readers

10 Ways to Improve Blog Security (so that you don’t get hacked)

How to File a Testosterone Lawsuit Claim

Pros and Cons of High Growth Hormone Injection

Tips to Selecting Gold Bullion as an Investment Option

5 Ways Men Should Follow In Their Busy Life to Lead a Healthy Life

A Guide to Managing Allergic Reactions in the Wilderness

4 Easy Steps to Defeat the Lazy Mondays

Causes of Back Pains

Watch Out For the Symptoms That Accompany Back Pains and Cramps

The other Causes of Back Pains and Nausea

7 Back Pain Remedies Most Effective Techniques

The Relationship between Sleep and Lower Back Pains

New Discoveries of Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Understanding the Features and Pricing of Sanitary Valves

The Working Temperature Range of the Rubber Seals

5 Interesting Uses of Magnets

Affordable Bio Energy for the Future

What You Should Know about Molybdenum Alloys

All blog posts for naijaparents.com for all blog categories: conception, pregnancy, baby, birth, toddler, teens, lifestyle, food and menu.

All blog posts for unist.com


Website content – Sample web pages













Sample Press Releases

Press release for imagefinish.com.au published here.

Press release for criminal-lawyers.com.au published here

Press release for satellite360.com.au published here

Press release for infinityskin.com.au published here

Press release for zucci.com.au published here

Press release for venetablinds.com.au published here

Press release for youresecure.com.au published here

Press release for zenergy.biz published here

Press release for rouselawyers.com.au published here

Press release for satellite360.com.au published here

Press release for reinsw.com.au published here

Press release for office-experts.com published here

Press release for jdstudio.com.au published here

Press release for australiansolarquotes.com.au published here


Sample product descriptions

Memedesign Bobino Coffee Table

Memedesign Bugia

Memedesign FORM

Memedesign Graffetta

Memedesign Libris

Memedesign Nest

Memedesign ROUND

Memedesign SPREAD

Verdesign – Albachiara sofa

Ariosto armchair

Armonia sofa two seater

Barrique 155 swivel bookcase, walnut

Barrique 83 swivel bookcase

Casablanca 3 Seater Sofa


Content consultancy

Currently working with UpArrowConsulting.com (a world class digital marketing agency) as their Content Manager, Content Consultant, SEO Consultant, Press Release Writer, Guest Post Writer and Editor

Harvard Business School: I created some pages for their case study section. Worked through Patrick Rooney-their research and content strategist


Ebook Writing

Did an 80-page Ebook for africamydream.com titled The Ultimate Guide for Touring Kenya in the travel niche

Did a 103-page Ebook on Understanding and Treating acid Reflux for a client in the health niche

Did a 54-page ebook for naijaparents.com titled The Ingredients of a Successful Marriage


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